Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Blog & My Second Life:

Thank You for visiting my blog. Here is where I post new items & ideas. Soon you will be able to find everything I make with some detailed descriptions & links to the Marketplace. I'm reconstructing my blog at the moment so please excuse the bareness of it.

I do a few things in Second Life. I own a store called Ezmerelda's, I ,Co-Own Sisters Choice Hunts & Pixel Treats Events {Currently Closed} with my sister Lyrieal Xevion {R.I.P Sister}.

I only design things I personally like, I do take custom orders occasionally and I enjoy creating nail appliers. I taught myself what I know about creating in Second Life, and like to teach others when time allows me. If you ever need help with anything just ask me.

You can use the links above to navigate around. If you have any suggestions, or creations you might like to see just leave me a comment! I enjoy feedback positive or negative it helps me grow.

-Ezmerelda Optera