My 1st year in Second Life I met an amazing man name DJBoat Zane, he enjoyed 50's Music & Disco. DJBoat owned the So Fine Club my friends and I had many great times there listening to music and dressing up for events. Later Boat helped me open and manage my own Club Optera. I made my first outfit which was centered around the So Fine Club colors and patterns Boat enjoyed the design so much he asked if I would make a whole line to sell on his sim and of course I agreed! Sadly Boat only had the chance to see the one Sock Hop outfit as he passed away shortly after, and so "The Promised So Fine Collection" was born. I still make and update outfits for it to this day I keep Boat in mind, and miss him everyday. R.I.P DJBoat

Ads for "The Promised So Fine Collection" are being updated will be posted here soon:

-So Fine Sock Hop {Updated with Appliers} Buy Here: Market Place
-Pink Poodle Sock Hop {New with Appliers} Buy Here: Market Place
-Diner Beauty Sock Hop {Scheduled For Updating}
-Jukebox Cutie Sock Hop {Scheduled For Updating}
-Mint Poodle Sock Hop {Scheduled For Updating}
-Saddle Shoe Inspired Heels {V1}{Updated with Appliers} Buy Here: Market Place
-Saddle Shoe Inspired Heels {V2}{Updated with Huds} Buy Here: Market Place

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